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What is TetraMap?

TetraMap is a globally proven learning model designed to improve team cohesion and collaboration, boosting productivity. The simple, robust model based on Nature transforms team performance by helping people understand themselves – and others – far better. With a 19-year track record in more than 20 countries, TetraMap is a credible, professional training and development methodology that is proven to deliver improved productivity. It assists individuals and teams to identify work place communication and behavioural preferences, and to create a personal strategy that takes both team and individual skills to the next level.

Anne Clews, a UK facilitator, explains more about the TetraMap model and how it’s used in self-awareness, team performance, and management and leadership development in a brief 1:28-minute video. Watch the video.

What sets TetraMap apart?

TetraMap is a culturally neutral tool that engages staff by valuing uniqueness and celebrating natural diversity. The approach is relevant to people of all levels, functions, and abilities, quickly building engagement and enthusiasm so that learning happens fast. While the results will be immediately obvious, it’s the legacy of learning that sets TetraMap apart. Participants are equipped with the skills, tools, and awareness to apply the learnings for weeks, months, and years to come.

How is TetraMap used?

TetraMap provides a basis for members of a team to understand themselves and one another, and to understand their clients. TetraMap assists with the understanding of communication and behavioural differences. It benefits existing teams that needed “rejuvenation” as well as teams that have recently been created. It is also used as the precursor to a planning days so staff feel empowered to contribute.

How does understanding differences have an impact on transforming team performance?

TetraMap provides managers with a new and more positive perspective on their staff and individual performance.  Through managers reframing their communication, staff have a better understanding of expectations and time frames and therefore are able to increase their productivity and timeliness.

TetraMap provides individuals with a self-awareness on the dynamics of the underlying relationships which may be causing issues with the delivery of outcomes. TetraMap measures preferences, not necessarily strengths. Through the workshops, individuals become more aware of their co-workers’ preferences and therefore better able to make use of these at the most appropriate time. The workshops highlight the value that individuals bring to teams.

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Who uses TetraMap?

UK and Europe

Deloitte   Deutsche Bank   Kia Motors


Sky  Telefonica   EQ Dynamics   Nationwide   Kreissparkasse Köln   



Singapore Armed Forces   Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry   Wellington Zoo   Sustainable Business Network


MYER   YWCA - Empowering Women   Dahlsens

Corporate Travel Management   Fisher & Paykel Healthcare   Hamilton City Council NZ

Inland Revenue NZ   NZ Ministry of Education

TetraMap® is a registered trademark of TetraMap International in NZ and other countries.