Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI®)

HerrmanCertifiedLogo-largeWhat is the HBDI®?

The Whole Brain® Model was developed by Ned Herrmann in 1979, while head of Management Development at General Electric. Herrmann was a physicist by training, so he was intrigued by how the brain could help explain how people could be very clever in some areas but struggle to understand other matters. Using brain research developed by others and his own studies, Herrmann discovered that there were four patterns in terms of how the brain perceives and processes information. The Whole Brain® Model emerged as a validated metaphor for describing the four different preference modes.

Whole Brain® Thinking is a scalable framework which provides a lens for improved understanding and insight. It acknowledges that different tasks require different mental processes, and different people prefer different kinds of thinking. Whole Brain® Thinking helps organisations get better results when they can strategically leverage the full spectrum of thinking available.

How is HBDI® used?

After completing the HBDI® on-line, individuals receive a comprehensive report and debrief on the results. The individual report is very effective in assisting managers to understand themselves and the way they think, and promotes a new way of interacting with subordinates and peers.

Individual reports can be combined to form a Team Profile. Two reports can be combined to provide a Pair Profile, usually manager-manager or manager-staff.

The Team Performance Workshop utilises the individual reports to understand how the team is structured and how it is likely to react both normally and when under stress. It provides team members with a framework to understand their differences for improved performance and cohesion. Teams learn how to leverage their diverse skills and talents to achieve higher levels of productivity and a complete return on intelligence.

Pair profiling is used to empower two people to harness their shared strengths – and take advantage of their cognitive differences – to reach results they never thought possible. This is very useful when you have two people working together where the relationship is critical to success.

How does understanding differences have an impact on transforming team performance?

Whole Brain Technology® releases people from the self-limiting thinking that can stifle productivity, innovation and business growth. The HBDI® identifies the natural thinking preferences – emotional, analytical, structural and strategic – of individuals, teams and whole organisations.

Everyone has access to all four quadrants but to varying degrees. Applying Whole Brain® Thinking means being able to fully leverage one’s own preferences, stretch to other quadrants when necessary, and adapt to and take advantage of the preferences of those around you to improve performance and results.

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Who uses HBDI®?

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