Tools used by FarView HR

At FarView HR, we use TetraMap, Motivational Maps and Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI®). We will work with you to determine the best solution for you. These tools have been proven over an extended period of time and across the world. They recognise that people are individuals who evolve and change. Importantly, they do not lock teams nor individuals into a particular classification or “box” and are designed to provide information for individuals and teams to grow and develop. Aspects of self-awareness, personal effectiveness and maintaining productive relationships – even during the difficult times – are important to enhancing productivity and team cohesiveness. These tools have been selected for their ability to not only develop awareness but also for their ability to provide a framework to develop action plans to for participants to lead and participate in teams as well as action plans for individual and personal development. Communication in the work place plays a vital role in the success of the individual, team and organisation. Effective communication positively impacts work place relationships and outcomes. Avoiding the pitfalls of poor listening and unclear directions is critical in developing excellent work place communication. Identifying work place communication and behavioural preferences, strengths and weaknesses will assist both teams and individuals in creating strategies to take their skills to the next level. With motivation, one size does not fit all.  As an individual, we need to be aware of our needs and wants in order to be satisfied in our lives.  As a manager or team leader, we need the skills and awareness to identify what motivates the individuals in our teams and organisations to ensure they can make the best contribution possible and support organisational success.  We need to be able to identify what the needs, wants and career goals are as well as the kinds of rewards team members respond to best. These tools assist individuals, managers and teams to discover new ways of thinking and acting, and focusing on what’s really important. They will open you and your teams up to being more courageous, increasing productivity and applying character strengths to build a resilient mindset in order to flourish.